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Spider Veins Treatment The V-Beam Laser

Spider Veins Treatment | Birthmark Removal | Laser Tattoo Removal | Ridgewood NJ | Bergen County NJSpider veins, or telangiectasias, are small, thin, blood vessels visible beneath the skin. They appear most commonly on the face and legs and may look like a series of lines, tree branches, or a spider- or web-like shape with a dark center. It is estimated that they affect nearly half of adult women in the U.S. Spider veins are caused by a variety of factors, including heredity, pregnancy (and other conditions that involve changes in hormone levels), weight gain, long periods of standing, and certain medications. They often appear red or blue, and because they form on the face, thighs, calves and ankles, many patients are bothered by the way they look.

Most spider veins and red spots can be treated with the Laser. Deep blue, bulging varicose veins cannot be treated. Dr. Sternschein uses the Candela V-Beam laser to treat spider veins and red spots. This is a very safe, effective, and quick laser. Three treatments are usually required. The V-Beam laser has a cooling spray that makes the treatments more comfortable. There is no need for anesthesia. Most patients feel nothing more than a slight stinging sensation like the snap of a rubber band. Most treatments take 5-10 minutes. Recuperation is very simple. In most cases there is mild redness for a few days. Occasionally there is a blue bruise for 5-10 days.

Although there are other techniques to treat spider veins and red spots, the laser is generally more effective, has less risks, and results in a better cosmetic result.

Birthmarks including Port Wine Stains, Strawberry Hemangiomas

Red/purple birthmarks can be treated with the Candela V-Beam laser. Flat marks (Port Wine Stains) can be treated at any age. Raised Strawberry marks are usually best treated as early as possible. Dr. Sternschein uses the Candela V-Beam laser to treat most birth marks. This is a very safe, effective laser. Most lesions can be treated in the office. Multiple treatments may be required.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Spider Veins Treatment | Birthmark Removal | Laser Tattoo Removal | Ridgewood NJ | Bergen County NJMany people have second thoughts about their tattoos. Fortunately, you don't have to live with your decision forever. Highly precise lasers can lighten or remove your tattoo by focusing light on the ink particles. The light energy is converted into heat and breaks up the ink into tiny specs that are absorbed harmlessly by the body. All this can be accomplished without damaging the surrounding tissue. Results can generally be seen only after multiple treatments. Larger and darker tattoos may require more treatments than smaller, lighter ones. Occasionally treated skin will look whiter (paler) than the skin around it, but this is usually temporary and fades in the months following treatment. In some cases surgical excision of small tattoos may be an acceptable option that will achieve removal quicker and with a better cosmetic result. Dr. Sternschein will recommend the best method for removing your tattoo.


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